Hydraulic Units - Power Packs for Oil Service - Typ AH 101.698.05

Abbildung MSF4


The MAXIMATOR Hydraulic Unit is used as feed unit and pressure increasing unit to supply up to 15 buffer fluid sealings. Leakages of the buffer fluid sealings and Loop systems can be counterbalanced according to the API Flushing Plan 53B. MAXIMATOR Pumps, which are specially developed for handling heat transfer oil can be controlled at very low start-up and stop hysteresis.

Main Benefits

  • Cost reduction because of supplying divers buffer fluid sealings with only one MAXIMATOR Unit
  • Highest process reliability because of redundancy of the pressure increasing units
  • Automatic changeover
  • No electrical installation (only control elements)
  • Visible and audible alarm device during changeover to reserve


Basically, Maximator pumps are operating according to the pressure intensifier principle. The working pressure is adjustable. The liquid level as well as the pressure are controlled electronically.

Product Features

  • ATEX
  • Easy to maintain
  • 210 L stainless steel tank
  • The Housing guarantees the protection of all components

Technical data sheets

AH 101.698.05 MSF4
AH 101.698.05 MSF4
AH 101.698.05 MSF4 en
AH 101.698.05 MSF4 en