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MAXIMATOR introduces further developments to its series of pressure switches

18. December 2012 , Nordhausen  | © 2012 Maximator GmbH | Maximator pressure switches are designed to switch a pneumatic signal and are used for automation tasks in a number of high-pressure applications. One typical application in connection with Maximator gas boosters is monitoring the inlet pressure and outlet pressure of the process gas. For multiple stage booster stations, the pressure switches are used to switch the individual stages on and off for example. Read more

Maximator extends DLE booster series to 2,400 bar

18. December 2012 , Nordhausen  | © 2013 Maximator GmbH | Maximator has extended its range of air driven gas boosters with three models for pressure ranges 1,800 bar (25,000 psi), 2,100 bar (30,000 psi) and 2,400 bar (36,000 psi). The basis for this ultra high pressure booster is the DLE 30-75 model. The two-stage compression allows high end pressure to be achieved with comparatively low gas inlet pressure. Read more

Maximator validated as a "known consignor".

16. November 2012 , Nordhausen  | © 2012 Maximator GmbH | One of the first companies nationwide: Maximator fulfils all official security stipulations for international airfreight shipments Read more

Determination of MTTFd values according to EN ISO 13849 for Pneumatically-Operated Relief Valves

27. July 2012 , Nordhausen  | © 2011 Maximator GmbH | Maximator has proven its pneumatically-operated relief valves with respect to all relevant "basic" and "proven" design principles, and also implemented improvements in the manufacturing process of the relief valves. Read more

New Hydraulic booster series for technical gases and hydrogen

20. June 2012 , Nordhausen  | © 2012 Maximator GmbH | Maximator presents a new series of boosters with the HDLE gas boosters, which are operated hydraulically. The four different basic models cover pressure ranges of 50 to 900 bar. The flow capacity remains constant over the entire pressure range. Each model (HDLE 2, 5, 15 and 30) is also available with a double stroke length for higher flow capacities. Read more

MAXIMATOR extends the pressure range of high pressure pumps to 7000 bar

07. March 2012 , Nordhausen | With the G500-2LS-771, Maximator is now consequentially following the demands of the markets for higher pressure. This new ultra-high pressure pump generates a pressure of up to 7000 bar. Read more

New Nitrogen Charging Systems: The most efficient way of filling hydraulic accumulators

20. February 2012 , Nordhausen | The filling of the accumulators from nitrogen bottles has always been the most practical alternative and although this method has its drawbacks the need for higher pressures and full use of the supply bottle gas gives an opportunity for the use of Gas Boosters. The nitrogen charging stations that Maximator offers are a remarkable solution. The Maximator Gas Boosters will take gas pressure from the nitrogen bottles and compress it up to 750 bar and in this way more than 90% of the bottle contents are used. Read more

Maximator sells 100th high-pressure pulse test rig

30. September 2011 , Nordhausen | How many pressure cycles can a component withstand? Cyclic compression tests are conducted to answer this question early in the development and pre-production stages of product development. Maximator GmbH, based in the German federal state of Thuringia, provides an impressive test rig for customers from the automotive and mechanical engineering industries. At the beginning of August, the company delivered the 100th unit. Read more

Update: Upgrade of Pipe Valves Series with NPT fittings, check valves and pipe filters

12. May 2011 , Nordhausen | Maximator GmbH has upgraded their 15,200 psi (1,050 bar) Pipe Valves Series with a full range of Pipe Fittings and Pipe Hex Nipples. In addition to their pipe valves with NPT and BSP Connections, up to now also pipe fittings like Pipe Elbows, Pipe Tees, Pipe Crosses and many more with female connections, male connections and combinations are available. Read more

Autofrettage work group meeting at Maximator's

31. January 2011 , Nordhausen | Maximator GmbH - a global market leader for high-pressure technology, testing equipment, hydraulics and pneumatics located at Nordhausen/Thuringia - was responsible for the autofrettage meeting conducted on January 28, 2011 in Nordhausen. Read more

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