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Rebreather Oxygen Booster: The new compact-booster series for professional oxygen compression

16. December 2010 , Zorge | To pressurise Oxygen is easy and safe if you are using the right tool. Currently Maximator (Zorge/Germany) is presenting this with their new Rebreather Oxygen Booster Series (ROB). Read more

Update: New Maximator VFT - Catalogue now including the complete Sour Gas Range and Pipe Valves

11. November 2010 , Zorge | A new update of their new Valves, Fittings and Tubing Catalogue from Maximator GmbH in Zorge is now available on their website. Within this update, product information has been updated and two complete new product series have been introduced. Read more

New Product: 30000 psi (2100 bar) Booster for inert gases

11. November 2010 , Zorge | Maximator GmbH in Zorge has developed a new booster based on the current DLE range of boosters but this time suitable for 30000 psi (2100 bar) operation. This booster is specially designed to handle inert gases like Nitrogen. Read more

New Air Amplifier Type SPLV10 for up to 100 bar working pressure

13. September 2010 , Zorge  | © 2010 Maximator GmbH | In September 2010 Maximator Gmbh are pleased to introduce a completely new Air Amplifier designated the model Type SPLV10. This new Air Amplifier reaches up to 300 NL/min gas flow and up to 100 bar working pressure. Read more

New Stainless Steel S-Pump Type Series

09. July 2010 , Zorge  | © 2012 Maximator GmbH | In July 2010, Maximator GmbH, Zorge, Germany, launched a new pump type series for use in the chemical, petrochemical, on- and offshore industry. The new pump type series combines the great durability of the S-Pump type series with the performance of a stainless steel Pump. Read more

New Pump Range - GPD Series Pumps

10. June 2010 , Zorge  | © 2013 Maximator GmbH | Maximator GmbH are pleased to announce the introduction of their range of GPD pumps with eight different models available. These pumps will deliver up to 48 litres per minute and discharge pressures up to 3.000 bar. Read more

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