Maximator supplies the first hydrogen tank system as a 'complete package'

Nordhausen, 26. October 2018 | As of 2019, fuel cell buses will be driving through Wuppertal: the project is founded by the European Union, Federal Republic of Germany and the Land North Rhine-Westphalia and aims to contribute to the reduction of emissions. The Wuppertaler Stadtwerke (responsible municipal utilities) and AWG Abfallwirtschaftsgesellschaft mbH Wuppertal (waste management company in Wuppertal) aims to make local public transport even more environmentally friendly. To ensure that the new buses do not run out of 'gas', Wuppertal is investing in a hydrogen infrastructure produced by the company Maximator GmbH. As a general contractor, the system specialist from Nordhausen is responsible for the planning, implementation and installation of the complete system and is therefore entering a highly promising market.

As part of the project “H2-W Hydrogen mobility for Wuppertal” by the Wuppertal municipal utilities, representatives of the company AWG Abfallwirtschaftsgesellschaft mbH Wuppertal and the company Maximator GmbH signed the contract for the planning, delivery, assembly and commissioning of the hydrogen infrastructure as witnessed by the representative of the company WSW mobil GmbH. Now the project is entering the implementation phase: Maximator has designed its first hydrogen tank system to supply fuel for the planned hydrogen-operated buses of the local public transport fleet. Conrad Tschersich, managing director AWG, and Andreas Meyer at WSW mobil are both agreed that they have found the right partner in Maximator: "We are thrilled to have found the specialist Maximator to provide valuable expertise for our environmentally-friendly local public transport system".

Under the supervision of Robert Adler, head of the company Maximator Advanced Technology GmbH that was founded in Vienna in 2017, the company is developing core components like the hydrogen booster MAX Compression with automated seal exchange for the tank system that will be handed over to the city of Wuppertal as a 'turnkey' project next year.

This system expert from Nordhausen will act as the general contractor for the planning, implementation and installation of the project. The hydrogen infrastructure comprises a high-pressure compressor for compressing hydrogen by Maximator that was presented for the first time at the Hanover Fair 2018, an electrolyzer for generating hydrogen, and a hydrogen storage in which the fuel is stored at approx. 450 bar.

The Wuppertal system is the first hydrogen tank system developed by Maximator. René Himmelstein at Maximator about the project: "We are very proud that our expertise in hydrogen infrastructure is contributing to the H2-W project by the Wuppertal municipal utilities." The solution has generated a lot of interest and further systems are already being planned.


Looking forward to working together: Ulrich Jaeger, managing director WSW mobil, René Himmelstein and Henning Willig, Maximator GmbH, Conrad Tschersich, managing director AWG, and Andreas Meyer, WSW mobil (from the left) Picture: ©WSW mobil


Maximator GmbH is one of the leading suppliers in the high-pressure and test technology, hydraulics and pneumatics sector. Its employees develop, construct, manufacture and distribute international products that are used in industrial systems across the world. The company manufactures, among other things, hydrogen compressor and infrastructure solutions, systems for gas and water-assisted moulding applications, gas dosing stations, high-pressure pulse test systems, burst pressure test stands, leak test systems, autofrettage systems as well as high-pressure pumps and high-pressure compressors, hydraulic units and compressor stations, valves, fittings and pipes. Maximator's long-standing experience in the project business for test and production systems makes it a valuable partner for the automotive industry, general mechanical engineering, the chemical and petrochemical industries as well as the oil and gas industry.

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