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Maximator Academy - Trainers received their TÜV certification

Nordhausen / Germany, 21. November 2018 | In order to optimise internal and external training at the Maximator Academy, seven Maximator employees were trained by Voss + Partner in the course of a six-month "Train the Trainer" programme. Now they have completed their training and received their TÜV certificates.

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This year, seven Maximator employees from six specialist departments have successfully completed the "Train the Trainer" programme: Christopher Schätz (Marketing), Michael Bierwisch (Project Management Export), Christopher Micheel (Components Technology), Dennis Ernst (Service), Dennis Hoke (Group Leader Technical Department), Sebastian Meyer (Assembly Team Leader) and Sahra Dempwolf (Training Engineer at Maximator Academy). The Training took place in six modules of two days each. At the end, all participants completed a TÜV examination in order to become certified trainers in adult vocational training.

Modern training methods in all departments

The seminars not only provided in-depth knowledge on how to go beyond the classic Power Point presentation and design training courses with the help of modern media. The participants also learned how to communicate content in a sustainable and comprehensive manner. The application and handling of different methods were just as much a part of the training as the development of trainer guidelines, which are to ensure that training courses can be held by different instructors without the need for time-consuming preparation of the topic.

In order to obtain TÜV certification, the participants had to pass a theoretical and a practical test. The practical test required the preparation of an eight-hour trainer's guide. A sequence of 45 minutes from this trainer's guide was presented to TÜV. The training courses developed as part of the "Train the Trainer" programme have already been designed for implementation at the Maximator Academy, which was officially launched on the 1st of August. In the presence of Voss + Partner's management and trainers, the participants received their TÜV certificates.

Internal and vocational training at the Maximator Academy

The establishment of the Maximator Academy was preceded by considerations to realise a comprehensive qualification matrix and to optimise internal further training measures. This also included the training of the seven employees mentioned as certified trainers in adult vocational training. Moreover, the Maximator Academy is to be used in future to centrally manage employee qualifications: Who can instruct others or new colleagues in specific areas? Who is potentially eligible for a vacant position? What training needs are there?

At the beginning of the new year, the Maximator Academy will move into its own venues at the company premises. It is headed by Niels Köhler. The contents are designed in cooperation with training engineer Sahra Dempwolf. The new training venues will feature state-of-the-art teaching technology. In addition to the classroom training, an eLearning platform has been developed, which e.g. serves to bring all participants up to a comparable level of knowledge prior to training.


The successful graduates after they received their certificate (from left to right): Dennis Hoke (Maximator), Christopher Schätz (Maximator), Karin Unger (Voss + Partner), Christopher Micheel (Maximator), Sahra Dempwolf (Maximator), Thomas Schmidt (Voss + Partner), Michael Bierwisch (Maximator). Picture: ©Maximator GmbH

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