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New Pump Range - GPD Series Pumps

Zorge, 10. June 2010 | Maximator GmbH are pleased to announce the introduction of their range of GPD pumps with eight different models available. These pumps will deliver up to 48 litres per minute and discharge pressures up to 3.000 bar.

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The GPD Series is the first pump series with an air drive piston of a diameter of 10“. A wide range of different pressure ratios guarantees the best solution for your specific application. To achieve a high working pressure from a relatively low air drive pressure double air drive section versions are available for the ratios 1:30, 1:60, 1:120, 1:180 and 1:260.

The GPD pumps have been specifically designed to give a high discharge flow for fast fill at a relatively high discharge pressure.

The new GPD Series Pumps are used in a wide range of applications primarily in Oil and Gas, Refinery, Petrochemical, Steel and Civil Engineering Industries. Applications exist for pressure testing large diameter pipelines, large hose reels and umbilicals, wellhead control valves, operating Subsea valves, and the charging of hydraulic accumulators. In addition they are used in Chemical Injection applications for high flow of chemicals such as methanol, glycol and other related chemicals.

Pumps of the GPD Series that are marked with an EX sign and are supplied with a declaration of conformity as defined in 94/9/EC may be used in areas subject to explosion hazards. They are in conformity to Group II Category 2G Explosion group IIB constructive safety.

They will handle hydraulic oil, water or chemicals. The high grade of materials from which the pumps are constructed ensures corrosion issues are kept to a minimum.

The design of the GPD pumps was primarily focussed on the ease of maintenance and its safe operation. The inlet and outlet check valves are a cartridge style which allows simple, easy exchange and replacement where necessary. In addition, by simply removing the tension ring, the complete high pressure section can be removed from the pump. This allows the checking and easy exchange of the high pressure seals with minimum effort when required.

Full separation of the air drive section and the hydraulic section is guaranteed because of a distance piece design between these areas thus ensuring no cross contamination can take place.

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