Systematic malfunction analysis in hydraulic systems
3-day intensive course

The 'Systematic malfunction analysis in hydraulic systems' intensive course is designed to teach participants how to detect the causes of malfunctions in conjunction with theoretical background. What the participants learn is put into practice and applied on simulators.

This intensive course is tuned to the needs of the customers and the various requirement profiles of the participants. Both persons with a general technical background and also hydraulic specialists can consolidate and expand their knowledge base in this course.

Our seminar is designed for all specialists who service machines with hydraulic drives. Based on they learn, participants can reduce standstills and thereby operating costs and the high costs for external maintenance personnel.

Participants are confronted with machines with operating problems.

Seminar contents:


General technical know-how

Target group:

Specialists with production and maintenance qualifications who need special know-how about systems with hydraulic elements for their work.

Seminar goals:


Maximator GmbH
Lange Strasse 6
99734 Nordhausen


995 € - net (plus statutory VAT)
total per person for all three seminar days
(including food and documents)