Testing and Production Systems - Leak Testing Technology

Pressure and leak tests are efficient methods for analysing the functional and tightness properties of pressurised components. Manufacturers in the automobile industry, mechanical engineering and chemical industry determine product and component characteristics with this method.

Effect of the technology

A basic requirement for the function of many technical components is their tightness. With professional leak tests, hoses, pipes, containers, cooling and air-conditioning systems, fuel and injection systems, filters and hydraulic components
are tested for leakage. Calculated tightness values can be checked directly on the component under almost realistic conditions with this method.

Our leak testing technology

All MAXIMATOR leak test benches are specially developed and built according to customer requirements for the needs of the component. This means that different test methods such as pressure drop measurement, differential pressure testing or the use of special test gases or liquids can be applied.
In coordination with the customer, the procedure is selected that implements suitable test specimen recording including the necessary handling and the collection and processing of process parameters. The retraceability of the tests is a fundamental part of testing. The test results are documented by a reliable process using a barcode, DMC or other traceability concepts.

Maximator systems test

  • Dichtheitspruefstand-SF6.jpgPressurised components
  • High pressure technology components (pipes and fittings etc.)
  • Hoses
  • Diesel injection components

Test methods

  • Verification procedure with test gas (H2, SF6, N2O, N2)
  • Verification using pressure drop measurement
  • Leak test with pressure compensation and gas volume measurement

Performance features

  • Short setup times
  • Short cycle times
  • High system availability
  • Automated test processes

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