Testing and Production Systems - Composite Cylinder Testing Technology

Many components for the development of future technoloies like CNG and H2 are exposed to extreme pressure. We face the challenges of alternative drives with innovative highpressure-tests.

Effect of the technology

Tests on composite cylinders provide information on whether the components fullfil the planned functions. Different testing methods such as burst pressure testing, leak tests and pressure load change tests are parts of suitability testing and quality monitoring in ongoing production.

We promote the development of CNG and H2 power units together with our customers. With our testing technology, all legally prescribed tests on pressure-bearing components can be carried out: from individual inspections to prototype inspections. In addition, we provide car manufacturers and suppliers with proven gas control technology for hydrogen applications. Join us on our journey into a clean and save future.

Testing spectrum

  • Burst pressure testing service
  • Pressure load testing service
  • Pressure-/Leak testing service
  • Certification-relevant tests (e.g. dropping test)

Application areas in the process

  • Tests supporting the production process (Batchtests)
  • Receiving inspection in accordance with applicable regulations (in coordination with TÜV / KBA)

Performance features:

  • Long-term experience and competence in high-pressure and test technologies
  • Support of new developments
  • Ensuring test reproducibility
  • Shortening of product development cycles
  • Cost-efficient solutions for your testing needs

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