Testing and Production Systems - Plastic Component Testing

Qualified test procedures for plastic components pave the way for safe basis innovations in vehicle construction. Special test systems make load tests on these components possible in running production operations, which allow the vehicle weight to be reduced and contribute to savings in fuel.

Effect of the technology

Tests on plastic components provide information on whether the components fulfil the planned functions. Different testing methods such as burst pressure testing, leak tests and pressure load change tests are parts of suitability testing and quality monitoring in ongoing production. In order to achieve realistic component reactions, many tests take place under climate conditions (-40°C to +180°C) and using various test media (e.g. gases, oil, water-glycol mixture).

Our test solutions for plastic components

Maximator module test benches allow cost-efficient and flexible tests on plastic components. The systems unite the test chamber, pressure generation and control. For heavy burst pressure test, we equip our systems with an additional test chamber lining. The module test benches are fitted out with a pressure intensifier or with Maximator high pressure pumps; both of which are operated with compressed air. We achieve test pressures with very high repetition accuracy.
We have developed an almost wear-free compressed air overlay system for high precision control of lower pressure ranges. The drive control of the pumps or the pressure intensifier drive is controlled with sequentially controlled proportional pressure control valves. Different load conditions of the components being tested can be practically adjusted, automatically shut down and documented with freely programmable test stages.

Maximator systems test

Modulpruefstand.jpgPressurised plastic components in the automotive field:

  • Cooling water system
  • Suction module
  • Pipes and lines in the motor
  • Filter housing
  • Pressure compensation tank

Performance features

  • Customised concepts
  • Tests according to DIN norms or specific customer requirements
  • Pressure load change test with different liquids/gases
  • Modular setup with temperature chamber (up to 300°C) or climate chamber (-40°C - +180°C)
  • Safety: test chambers integrated in closed "containers"
  • Backfire tests
  • Flow measurements
  • Pressure fatigue tests
  • Burst pressure tests
  • Leak tests

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