Testing and Production Systems - Autofrettage Technology

Autofrettage is a manufacturing process for highly pressurised components. Industry branches such as shipping, aviation or heavy vehicle constructions use the innovative technology to significantly increase the service life of components and therefore reduce costs.

Effect of the technology

Components made of ductile steel are given fatigue strength with autofrettage without needing structural or material customisations. Workpieces are subjected to high pressure of up to 20,000 bar once only. Internal stresses develop between the inner and outer component walls that make the structure more resilient and durable. Autofrettaged components can withstand high operating pressure and fatigue stress reversals.

Our autofrettage solutions.

The advantage of Maximator systems is in effective autofrettage in which a minimum number of components are subjected to high pressure. This means you achieve minimum setup and cycle times, maximum systems availability and lower costs for wear parts.
We offer autofrettage technologies for prototypes and series products. Our systems for prototypes are used in the development area. The autofrettage pressure is generated using a MAXIMATOR pressure intensifier. Using hydraulically driven proportional valves, the clamping pressures are quickly and individually adapted to the inner pressure of the workpiece. This means there is less strain on components, damages are avoided and productivity maximised. The autofrettage systems for series products are designed for the automatic production process. Systems are setup manually or using a handling module or robot. Processing the workpieces takes place fully automatically. Autofrettage pressures of up to 20,000 bar can be reliably achieved.

Maximator systems can autofrettage

  • Autofrettagemaschine.jpgDiesel injection technology components (rail, injection nozzles, pump housing, injection nozzle holders and diesel lines)
  • High pressure technology components (pipes, fittings, components and high pressure pumps etc.)
  • Inner high pressure moulding components
  • Water jet technology components

Application areas in the process

  • Autofrettage system for prototypes - in development or sampling for research and development, individual component autofrettage and small batches
  • System for series products – in production

Performance features:

  • Short setup times
  • Optimised cycle times
  • High system availability
  • High process reliability
  • Automated autofrettage process
  • Proportional clamping technology
  • User-friendly device change
  • Generation of autofrettage pressures up to 20,000 bar

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