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Cell lysis / cell disruption with high pressure

The high pressure homogenizer HPL6 with its 4,200 bar capability is reliably and sensitively lysing cells at well respected international Universities and as well as global players in the industry.

In the field of biotechnology, the devices are among others used at a world-leading technical center for algae research and in biochemical university laboratories. In medicine and pharmacy, laboratories for Alzheimer's and cancer research or for diagnostics manufacturers are typical areas of application.

All core elements of the device means the high pressure pump, the high pressure metering valve, fittings - and tailored tubing are manufactured at the Maximator headquarters in Germany.

The integrated four zone cooling maintains throughout the entire process the cooling of the lysate which is a significant benefit in particular with temperature sensitive proteins.

Due to the small internal volume even minor size samples can be run and conclusively the cleaning process takes less than a minute.

In addition the HPL6 can also be used for creating ultrafine emulsions.

Maximator-products used for this application

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