MAXIMATOR GmbH - presents itself

The company started as a supplier to the Central German potash mining industry and has developed into a high-quality system supplier. Owing to the performance capabilities and longevity of its products MAXIMATOR has been among the market leaders in high-pressure equipment for more than 30 years.

At its headquarter in Nordhausen MAXIMATOR GmbH develops, designs and manufactures high-pressure equipment. More than 400 qualified and reliable company members are ensuring top achievements in the fields of HP, testing, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. Schmidt, Kranz & Co GmbH acts as holding company of MAXIMATOR.

Further sales offices of the company across Germany and partner firms around the world provide fast-tracked individual system solutions, inter alia for air-driven fluid pumps, air amplifiers and gas compressors, hydraulic units, test rigs and pressure generating units as well as gas-assisted and water-assisted systems (GID / WID).

MAXIMATOR develops and manufactures components, such as valves, pipes and gauges, pressure tanks, systems and equipment that are employed in process engineering applications.Our efficient in-house service department carries out erection, installation and maintenance of components and systems manufactured by MAXIMATOR.

In our purposefully-built Nordhausen development and service centre MAXIMATOR offers custom-tailored services such as pressure, bursting and impulse pressure tests plus component autofrettage.Our work is based on a verified and certified quality management system (DIN EN ISO 9001) - the fundamental asset for successfully implementing technological knowledge and experience in the field of complex systems.