Code of Conduct

MAXIMATOR GmbH - Code of Conduct

MAXIMATOR GmbH is taking up its social responsibility and deems this commitment as a prerequisite for ongoing corporate success. The principles described below are our minimum standards and do not affect any country-specific additions that are based on relevant cultural circumstances.

Human rights

We undertake to observe the internationally proclaimed human rights in our sphere of influence.

Forced labour

We will not engage in or associate ourselves with use of any form of forced labour in our operations.

Child labour

We will not engage in or associate ourselves with use of child labour in our operations.

Moral concept and non-discrimination

MAXIMATOR GmbH acts according to Christian moral concepts. We respect other religions and ethnic features in their activities based on valid laws and norms.

We aim to provide a workplace free of discrimination and harassment on the basis of gender, race, skin colour, religious beliefs, age, national origin, handicap, or sexual orientation. Employees in our workplace deserve and expect each others respect.

We decline each form or terrorism and radicalism.

Compensation and working hours

We recognise workers needs for adequate remuneration and observe the legally guaranteed minimum wages in the respective labour markets. We observe the rules that apply to working hours in each of our operations.

Relationship with employees and employee representatives

We respect our employees’ voluntary freedom of association. Independent of this, we also enable our employees to express their interests directly to management on a continual basis.

Health and safety

We aim to provide a safe and healthy working environment that meets or exceeds applicable standards for occupational health and safety. We will take steps to prevent injuries and occupational illnesses caused by workplace conditions.

Workforce development

We see the development of our employees as an essential investment in the future of our company. We also value the development of social and methodical expertise.


We encourage, where practicable, our suppliers to introduce and implement similar principles of social responsibility within their companies.

Environmental responsibility

We maintain in our day-to-day work an efficient environmental management system, which we continually improve. Local environmental protection laws and the specifications of MAXIMATOR GmbH’s environmental management system must be observed as a minimum. We collaborate with our business partners and suppliers in exercising our environmental responsibility.

Conflicts of interest, gifts and attempted bribery

We shall neither accept nor distribute any gifts that may lead to a conflict of interests. In particular, neither bribes nor any other illegal payments may be made or offered to government officials or other persons.


We believe each of our employees has an individual responsibility to follow this Code of Conduct and encourage co-workers to abide by it as well. Management is responsible for enforcing principles that become part of our rules and policies.

Protection of identity and protection against retaliation

We are convinced that only an open corporate culture can achieve sustainable success. In the event of doubts about the fulfillment of the above obligations and in order to avoid improper activities, we encourage our employees to contact a direct supervisor or, if necessary, the management. Maximator ensures that all employees who submit a report are protected from threats, harassment or other harmful measures within the company. Those giving information do not have to fear termination.


Contact us

­ +49 3631 9533-0

­ ed.rotamixam(ta)ofni

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