Rental Units

Compressed air driven power packs from Maximator are the perfect tool for mobile high pressure generation. These compact rental unit made of stainless steel generate a pressure of up to 4.000 bar with liquids and up to 2.100 bar with gases.


High Pressure technology whenever it is needed

Compact and lightweight units to generate high pressure levels for fluids and gases are used for a variety of applications.

Parts and pressure equipment are pressure-tested, pressure measuring instruments are function-tested and calibrated, gas is compressed or transferred, liquids are injected into processes or membranes and bladder accumulators are charged with nitrogen.

Compressed air driven power packs from Maximator are the perfect tool for these applications. They are:

  • easy to operate
  • very reliable operation
  • can be used for many different media
  • very sturdy and suitable for everyday use.

And: They are now also available for renting! This simplifies your procurement process and you get the right tool at the right time.

Power Packs for Liquids

Power Packs for Gase

L-Units-Overview.jpg G-Units-Overview.jpg

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