Rental Units - Rental Units for gases up to 2,100 bar - Power Pack Type GM 2200 DLE75



The MAXIMATOR Power Pack Type GM 2200 DLE75 is specially designed for ultra high-pressure compression of nitrogen up to 2,100 bar. The station can be operated with both compressed air and also directly with nitrogen from a gas cylinder, thereby offering maximum mobility.

  • Working pressure up to 2,100 bar
  • 3.1 calibrated gauges and transducers
  • Operating medium compressed air/nitrogen
  • Extensive range of accessories
  • Stable flight case for safe transport



Technical Data

Order Code:
Pressure Ratio:
1 : 150
Working Pressure max.:
approx. 2100 bar
Operating Media:
Compressed Air / Nitrogen *
Flow Capacity max.:
depending on application
Air Drive Pressure:
min. 1 bar / max. 10 bar
Dimensions W x D x H:
920 x 410 x 520 mm
Dimensions Case W x D x H:
1030 x 620 x 720 mm
55,5 kg
Weight incl. Case:
107 kg

*other operating media on request

Scope of Supply


The MAXIMATOR Power Pack Type GM 2200 DLE75 will be delivered in a compact flight case. The scope of supply comprises the Power Pack GM 2200 and the accessorie case.

  • Power Pack Typ GM 2200 DLE75
  • Accessories
  • Flightcase


The accessory case for the Maximator Power Pack GM 2200 contains several adapters. A pressure transducer together with cable connection is also included and allows digital pressure recording for pressure tests or calibration applications.

  • Pressure Transducer 0-2500 bar 0-10V *
  • Cable Connection 3000 mm
  • Adapter:
    4H (a) -> 1/2“(f) BSPP
    4H (a) -> FNPT 1/2“
    4H (a) -> 1/4“(f) BSPP
    4H (a) -> FNPT 1/4“
    6M (a) -> 1/2“(f) BSPP
    6M (a) -> FNPT 1/2“
    6M (a) -> 1/4“(f) BSPP
    6M (a) -> FNPT 1/4“
  • Rupture disc RD-32500

*not to be used in explosion areas


Anschluss-2-GM2200.jpg Anschluss-1-GM2200.jpg
  • Air Drive Inlet: G 1/2“
  • Pressure Outlet P: 4H (9/16-18 UNF)
  • Gas Inlet: 6M (9/16-18 UNF)
  • Pressure Release: 4H (9/16-18 UNF)
  • Flushing Connection: G 1/4“

Technical data sheets

Language: German
Language: English

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