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Where to find the datas of the system/machine?


Type label MAXIMATOR Machines and Systems


Type label MAXIMATOR Components (Pumps, Booster, Air Amplifier, Stations and Units)

Use the electronic form to send us your return request the fast and easy way. In the area of rebuilding, repairs and complaints we are able to reduce the transit time by using the return form sheet.

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Repair Service Wrong delivery Complaint

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Information about the product

Where to find the datas of the system/machine?
Type Serial Number
Cycles since last repair:
Cycles/time unit:
Total cycles/operating hours:
Maximum Working Pressure:
Temperature Medium in °C:
Is the unit contaminated with any hazardous agents/chemicals?:* yes no
If yes, please include the material safety data sheet of the agent/chemical or a certificate of non-objection into your return shipment.:
Did the product has been already partially / completely dismantled?
Please select the cost limit for your repair.:
up to 300 € up to 600 € up to 1000 € max. value
We like to receive a cost estimate

If the actual costs are below the selected limit, of course only them will be charged. If the costs will exceed the limit you will automatically receive a quotation.

If we are not getting any response to our quotation within 3 weeks, the product/equipment will be returned unfree and unrepaired/dismantled. We charge a handling fee of € 97,-.

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Shipping instructions for return shipping
(FCA, NDH Incoterms 2010)
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