Automotive industry

Our high-pressure components and systems, test rigs and production facilities are successfully employed in the varnishing industry, Common Rail production and many other areas in the automotive industry.

Consistent further developments of our high-pressure technology have achieved to sustainably advance the quality and performance of our products and systems.

Our solutions for your application

High pressure test technology

Many components for the development of this future technology are exposed to extreme stresses. Maximator meets this challenge with innovative high pressure test technology for hydrogen components such as valves, pipes or CGH vessels.

We can carry out all legally prescribed testing on pressure-bearing components with our test technology: from individual acceptance to type approval testing. We also offer automotive manufacturers and suppliers tried and tested gas control technology for hydrogen applications.

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Autofrettage of high pressure components

Autofrettage is a machining process for components subject to high pressure loads.

Industries such as the chemical industry or automotive engineering use this innovative technology to significantly increase the service life of components and thus reduce costs.

Gas assisted moulding technology

The assisted injection moulding technology provides low pressure gradients in the component resulting in less residual stress and distortion.

Even thick-walled components such as exterior car wing mirrors or car door handles can be produced true-to-size through uniform pressure distribution.

Water assisted moulding technology

Components such as, e.g. automotive cooling lines, are not only cooled from the inside but also from the outside. This reduces cooling times by up to 80%.

Sieze the competitive edge which this advantage gives to you.



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