High pressure technology for hydrogen applications

The sustainable and secure supply of clean energy to our society is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Hydrogen combines energy security, climate neutrality and has extraordinary potential as an energy carrier to make a significant contribution to the energy transition.

At Maximator, we have been involved in the compression and control of hydrogen for more than 20 years. As a high-pressure specialist, we offer our customers a wide range of products and services.

With our sister companies Maximator Hydrogen, Maximator Gas Solutions and Maximator Veteq, we offer smart solutions for hydrogen refuelling, hydrogen storage and hydrogen container testing.

Maximator hydrogen product portfolio

In addition to our high-pressure components for hydrogen, we have developed standardised system solutions which, thanks to their modular design, enable individual system scaling and ensure one of the highest levels of availability on the market thanks to intelligent service and maintenance concepts.

Components for hydrogen compression

As a manufacturer of air-driven gas boosters (up to 2,400 bar) as well as valves and fittings (up to 10,500 bar), we offer one of the most comprehensive portfolios for the pressure generation and handling of hydrogen.

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Air Driven Hydrogen Booster System - HYDRO HULC

The Maximator HYDRO HULC Series is a modular Gas Compression System, specifically designed for Hydrogen compression up to 1,050 bar with scaleable volume flow.

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Electrically powered hydrogen compression system - X-Tower

The Maximator X-TOWER is a modular, electrically powered Gas Compression System, specifically designed for Hydrogen compression up to 900 bar with scalable volume flow. The X-TOWER is designed for integration in existing systems and is covering nearly all requirement for efficient gas compression.

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Hydrogen Filling System - GFS

The Maximator GFS Series Systems are standalone Gas Filling Systems for hydrogen applications. We designed the GFS especially for customers who need an “all in one” solution with a small foot print for hydrogen compression.

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Maximator Hydrogen

Maximator Hydrogen is one of the leading provider and developer of comprehensive system solutions for the entire hydrogen technology value chain. Located in the green heart of Germany, we develop, produce and deliver highly reliable and modern hydrogen filling stations worldwide from a single source.

  • System solutions for the entire value chain of hydrogen technologies
  • Hydrogen infrastructures for road, rail and marine transport
  • Unique expertise and innovative strength in the hydrogen sector
  • "Hydrogen Spirit" - open mindset, strong commitment, unconditional team play and genuine passion

A hydrogen filling station or Hydrogen Refuelling System (HRS) is the name given to the overall system for refuelling hydrogen. Behind these terms are all the modules which, in their interaction, ensure satisfied filling processes at the dispenser. For example, the MAX Compression System compresses the hydrogen, MAX Storage stores it and the dispenser releases the hydrogen as soon as the customer starts the filling process.

Learn more about Maximator Hydrogen here

Maximator VETEQ_Logo

Maximator VETEQ

Maximator VETEQ, founded in 2022, is focused on “Vessel Test Equipment” especially for hydrogen storage system within automotive sector.

A key for the hydrogen mobility is the much lightweight solution as well as much higher range of the vehicles. To reach this range as much as possible hydrogen needs to be transported on the vehicle. An increasement of hydrogen on-board is possible by using high pressure up to 700 bar within the hydrogen composite pressure vessels.

Such high pressure requires high quality and safety standards . Maximator VETEQ is the specialist for automated testing systems for serial vessel testing, customized to the requirements of our customers, ensuring that the tested vessels fulfill these high quality and safety requirements.

Learn more about here Maximator VETEQ here


Maximator Gas Solutions

Founded in 2018, Maximator Gas Solutions GmbH is part of the Schmidt & Kranz Group.

Maximator Gas Solutions is a manufacturer and service provider for high-pressure gas technology and develops high-pressure vessels and gas processing equipment.

Maximator Gas Solutions, a subsidiary of Maximator GmbH, specializes in manufacturing, installation and maintenance of modern, application-oriented high-pressure solutions. Our innovative proprietary products and solutions for hydrogen storrage applications, nitrogen generation, helium recovery and fresh air supply combine efficiency, reliability and maximum quality and safety standards.

Learn more about Maximator Gas Solutions here



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