Life Sciences unite different research branches which all focus on processes and structures around life and organisms.

Maximator products and Life Science solutions are used in the Biotechnology, Medical and Pharmaceutical and Food and Beverage processing. From fundamental research to 24/7 optimized production processes the specifications and demands are as challenging as diverse.

No matter if you are a start up, hidden champion or global player, in Germany or international, we are always focused on the solution.

This is how ideas become trend setting standards.

We offer solutions in all areas.


Biotechnology covers several processes and products which are in its scientific and technical orientation pointing on living organisms.

Among others e.g. the Algea Research, Biocatalysis and Cell lysis are areas of applications and processes.

Maximator being a technology leader in the field of high pressure, testing, hydraulic and pneumatic technology is offering several products and solutions for applications in the Biotechnology research and production.

Food and beverage processing

Vegetarian, vegan or fast food products. Alcoholic beverages, soft drinks or mineral water. Only a few know which processes and procedures are necessary for this.

The industrial food- and beverage production is based on several physical, biological and chemical processes which are continuously improved and adapted according to the consumer needs and demands.

State of the art production technologies are providing effortable, safe and innovative high quality products.

Market specific demands for materials of construction and documentation chains e.g. acc. to FDA are the base for any development and production standard.

Medical and Pharmaceutical

In the Medical and Pharmaceutical environment all engineering related principles and processes are focused on the human life.

In the Medical and Pharmaceutical environment all engineering related principles and processes are focused on the human life. The development, testing and production of both medical products and systems for the drug production are going along with the most stringent technical demands from the material selection- and compatibility to the assembly of the system.

Very tight documentation requirements e.g. acc. to GMP or FDA are ensuring process safety- and reliabilty of the production systems beginning with the manufacturing of an individual piece part to the test of the final product.

Applications for Laboratory Gases

The properties of gases used in Laboratories can vary from inert to toxic. Maximator gas boosters and gas booster stations compress gases and gas mixtures in many different applications up to 2,400 bar.

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Aroma extraction with CO2

CO2 is likewise to other industries also important for the food & beverage industry. The extraction with CO2 is a physical process which used to gain aroma or ingredients from e.g. fruits or vegetables.

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Cell lysis / cell disruption with high pressure

The Maximator high-pressure homogenizer type HPL6 reliably and sensitively disrupts cells with a pressure of up to 4,200 bar.

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CO2 Extraction

CO2 is often used with medical and pharmceutical applications as a natural solvent, e.g. for the extraction of ingrediants, wax, oil and others.

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Filling of HPLC Columns

HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography) is used as a standard analysis and purification process in development and production.

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Gas Dosing Technology for the production of instant coffee

Make the eyes of coffee experts light up: with pioneering gas dosing technology by the market leader.

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HPP - High Pressure Processing

HPP is a non thermal preservation method where already packed food and beverage products are exposed to 6,000 bar water pressure for a certain time.

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Hydrostatic High Pressure Technology (HHD)

Supporting tissue (bone and cartilage) and connective tissue (fascia) intended to be used as a transplant are exposed to hydrostatic pressures of 6,000 bar.

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Identification of the behaviour and boundaries of Proteins

Identification of the behaviour and boundaries of Proteins under high pressure

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Industrial Meat processing

Emergency braking devices ensure safety.

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Maximator Solutions with CO2

Supercritical CO2 is used as a reactive media for enzyme reactions.

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Nitrogen inertisation / blanketing

Nitrogen is used to create an protected, oxygen free, atmosphere for example with filling or packaging of drugs, mixing processes or with anaerobe applications in Bioreactors.

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Pressure supply for Filtration

Maximator high pressure pumps, hydraulic units, air amplifier and air amplifier stations are being used with e.g. chamber-, frame- and plate Filterpress applications.

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Production of medical gases

Medical gases are tailored for the application and will become depending on the intended use either a medical product or a drug.

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Protective Packaging

Protective atmosphere ensures a longer shelf life for products.

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Seal Gas applications

Pressurised sealings being used in seal gas applications e.g. with rotating pumps, agitators or compressors require a certain seal gas pressure.

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Simulation of deep sea pressure

Various components can be tested prior to their final use sub sea e.g. about leak integrity, durability and function up to 10 km depth equivalent to 1,000 bar pressure.

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Spray drying with high pressure

With this process the base product e.g. milk or coffee extract is going to be dispersed with CO2 or N2 using pressures of up to 300 bar.

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Testing of medical products

Surgical instruments, tools for gastroentereology, medical plugs- and connectors, filters, dispensers but also complex prothesis systems are just some applications around the Maximator testing technology.

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Triploid production

Large salmons, trouts and other species coming from industrial hatcheries are often so called Triploids.

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