Pressure Vessel Test Service

Maximator offers you all legally required tests for pressure vessels as a service, such as Tests in accordance with ECE R110, ECE R134, EC79 / 2009 or EU406 / 2010 or even UN GTR no. 13. In addition, we can also offer services according to your individual requirements.

In our test laboratories, we assume responsibility to support your production tests of prototypes as well as to perform the quality control of serial parts.

The MAXIMATOR service testing center not only carries out its own development activities, but also a wide range of tests as a service. (e.g. tests on large-volume composite components up to 500 litres capacity and 4 m long) It is possible, while testing a tank, to record its expansion behaviour in longitudinal and circumferential direction to accuracies of 0.1 mm using laser-optical expansion measurement. In the case of burst tests, tank failures can be recorded with the use of high-speed cameras to help determine failure modes. In addition, the new test stand in the Nordhausen service centre enables composite tanks to be placed under mechanical load (torsion and bending) in burst or pressure load change tests. This gives rise to informative insights into the burst behaviour of test specimens, which is advantageous to component assessment and helps to reduce development times.

Our service program:

High-performance test equipment:

Burst pressure tests

Pressure cycle tests

Leakage tests

Real-gas cycles

Optional supplementary components:

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Convincing benefits:

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