Gas and Water Assisted Moulding - Compressor-Control Module

Maximator Compressor Control Modules are suitable for mold trials and smaller production run applications with the gas assisted injection molding process with gas bottle supply. As a result of the integrated Maximator gas booster, the gas is compressed to the required pressure level and subsequently controlled to the required injection pressure using the pressure-control technology.


The Compressor Control Module is a self-contained functional unit for pressure generation, as well as pressure-controlled fluid injection in the GIT process, and can be adapted to all injection molding machines independent of the type and manufacturer.

The gas booster supplies continuously into a storage tank and thus ensures that the pressure in this storage tank is always within the adjustable limit values.

After receipt of the start signal from the injection molding machine, the fluid injection is implemented. The pressure control is realized exactly by means of hydraulically-operated, 3/3-way proportional valves from Maximator. As a result, both switchover markings and melt standstills are effectively avoided.

Thanks to the smart software, production parameters can be flexibly adapted to individual requirements.


Compressor Control Module for nitrogen up to 500 bar

RM500N2.jpgThe N2 Compressor Control Module is used for the pressure supply and pressure control for the N2-GIT process. With this sytem, N2 is compressed to 500 bar and then controlled to the required pressure in each case by the high-precision and rapid 3/3-way proportional control technology.

  • Compressor and control unit in one system
  • Very high repeat accuracy
  • Integrated 3 liter / 690 bar storage for continuous volume flow
  • Integrated N2 gas booster approx. 80 lN/min, 500 bar
  • Visual representation of pressure/time profiles
  • Pressure/Time profile freely programmable
  • Compatible with all injection molding machines


Compressor Control Module for liquid carbon dioxide to 500 bar

RM500CO2.jpgThe CO2 Compressor Control Module is employed for pressure supply and pressure control in the new CO2-GIT process. CO2 is compressed in this system to 500 bar and then controlled to the required pressure in each case by the high-precision and rapid 3/3-way proportional control technology.

As a result of the integrated 2.5 liter / 550 bar piston accumulator, a continuous volume flow is ensured for a stable process with high-quality results.

  • CO2-compatible, 3/3-way proportional valve technology
  • Special optimized CO2 gas booster
  • Integrated 2.5 liter / 550 bar piston accumulator for continuous volume flow

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