Food- & beverage processing

Vegetarian, vegan or fast food products. Alcoholic beverages, soft drinks or mineral water. Only a few know which processes and procedures are necessary for this.

Industrial Meat processing

Maximator has developed an bespoke air amplifier for a manufacturer of meat band saws which is maintaining the air supply for the emergency brake system. Cameras are continuously controlling the cutting process and will initiate the emergency brake in the event of any danger. This improvement has significantly reduced the number of injuries of the employees.

Waterjet cutting technology is likewise for other food cutting applications also used in the meat processing. Cutting with water is highly precise, repeatable and fast. Maximator pumps, valves, fittings and tubings are creating and controlling the appropriate pressure.

Another apllication for Maximator products is the power supply for hydraulic actuated tools. Our tailored solutions are providing the exact pressure for e.g. cutting shears.

High Pressure Processing

HPP, High pressure processing is a non thermal preservation method where already packed food and beverage products are exposed to 6,000 bar water pressure for a certain time. This process destroys specific microorganisms which is leading to an increased shelf time.

The gentle preservation method is maintaining the natural flavour, colour and vitamin content of e.g. smoothies, cheese, sausages, seafood and others.

Maximator fittings and complex bended high pressure tubing modules are resisting due to Maximator core technologies such as Autofrettage extreme cycle conditions in the 24/7 production resulting in less down time of the system.

Aroma extraction with CO2

CO2 is likewise to other industries also important for the food & beverage industry. The extraction with CO2 is a physical process which used to gain aroma or ingredients from e.g. fruits or vegetables. But also coffee can be decoffeinated using this natural solvent.

Compared with chemcial extraction processes CO2 extraction does not leave any residues in the product, is not using heat impact and is therefore rather sensitive.

During this process a reactor filled with the base product will be charged with CO2 and the pressure will be increased up to 300 bar with Maximator pumps or gas boosters. The high pressure CO2 atmosphere is now solving the target substances from the basic material. While decreasing the pressure the substances are released from the CO2 and can be treated further on. The CO2 is leaded back to the tank.

Pressure supply for Filtration

Maximator high pressure pumps, hydraulic units, air amplifier and air amplifier stations are being used with e.g. chamber-, frame- and plate Filterpress applications.

These methods are well established in the beverage industry e.g. for the wine production. They require both a precise building up and a reliable maintaining of the pressure. Key benefits are that Maximator pumps do not consume any energy for keeping the pressure and do automatically restart in the event of a pressure drop.

Spray drying with high pressure

With this process the base product e.g. milk or coffee extract is going to be dispersed with CO2 or N2 using pressures of up to 300 bar.

The dispersion process is enlarging the surface of the product significantly which is contributing to the effectivity of the drying process. Followed by other production steps milk powder or instant coffee is produced in this way.

Maximator is with its pumps, gas boosters, gas booster stations and gas dosing stations taking care about the pressure- and flow control throughout this process.

more solutions

Triploid production

Large salmons, trouts and other species coming from industrial hatcheries are often so called Triploids.

After the fertilisation the eggs are exposed to high pressure of about 600 bar and due this process the third set of chromosoms is established which is resulting in a faster growth of the fish.

Maximator can contribute to this process with pumps, VFT but also with complete tailor made autoclave solutions.

Protective Packaging

Both during filling but also with packaging applications an protective, typically N2, atmosphere, is removing the oxygen from the product which is resulting in longer shelf times.

Maximator gas boosters and air amplifiers are creating here the needed pressure for the inert gas buffer systems which are the source for the a.m. applications.

Gas Dosing Technology for the production of instant coffee

A microcellular foam structure is generated which gives instant coffee, the optimal consistency, even lighter and foamier for a matchless taste together with more volume for maximum standout on the shop shelf.



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