Gas and Water Assisted Moulding - Compressor Stations

Maximator Compressor Stations are specially designed for the compression of nitrogen or carbon dioxide from gas bottles, and are employed for pressure generation in gas assisted molding applications.


This mobile compressor station is an autonomously-working, pneumatically-driven, gas compressor unit, constructed in compact design.

The station is equipped with two Maximator gas boosters, which compress the injection gas in two stages. As a result of the integrated gas cooler and the media filtration, an optimal operation is ensured.

The gas booster supplies continuously into a storage tank and thus guarantees that the pressure in this storage tank is always within the adjustable limit values.

The required gas volume of the connected control modules is made available from this storage tank.


Compressor station for nitrogen to 415 bar

VP120-N2.jpgThe VP/120/500/300/N2 compressor station is designed for the effective compression of nitrogen. The nitrogen supply can be implemented both via nitrogen bottles (200 bar and 300 bar) or a liquid nitrogen storage (20 bar - 30 bar).

  • Compressor with continuous pressure generation
  • Mobile
  • Bottle pressure is used optimally
  • Oil-free and grease-free gas compression
  • No electric auxiliary energy required
  • Cooling water not required


Compressor station for liquid carbon dioxide to 415 bar

VP120-CO2.jpgThe VP/500/CO2 compressor station is designed for the effective compression of carbon dioxide for the new CO2 GIT process. The carbon dioxide supply is implemented with CO2 riser pipe bottles or riser pipe bundles.

  • Special CO2 Gas Booster
  • Optimized cross sections for the highest supply capacities

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