New Stainless Steel S-Pump Type Series available

Our Standard "S" series pump has been found to be an ideal model pump to compete with the Haskel "AW" series pumps where we have found it difficult to obtain business with our "G" series pump mainly due to it having a stainless steel body against the Haskel "AW" series mild steel body, as well as the significantly higher price of our "G"series pump.

Whilst the "S" series pump does not give exactly the same flow performance as the Haskel "AW" series it has been found to be more than suitable, highly reliable and competitively priced to replace the Haskel "AW" series in most applications for hydraulic oil based applications.

S-SS.jpgWe have now been able to develop our "S" series pump one stage further which we know will give you further opportunities as well as a competitive edge against other competitors models.

We can now offer the "S" series pumps with Stainless steel body and wetted section. This makes the pump suitable not only with hydraulic oil but also water and other liquids.

This now gives you a model pump which will compete with the Haskel "ASF" series pumps. The Haskel "ASF" series pump is identical in flow and performance with the Haskel "AW" series but has a stainless steel body.

The new type series generates a maximum flow rate of 4 Liter per minute and a maximum outlet pressure of 3700 bar. The new "S" series pump with Stainless steel body and wetted section will be called the "S...-SS" series and comes in the following ratios -40, -80, -160, -200, -250, -350. The S...-SS Series Pumps will allow you to compete more directly with the Haskel "ASF" model.

Whilst we have specifically mentioned the Haskel "ASF" series the new " S...- SS" series will also offer you opportunities against the SC 10-4 series, the Hydraulics International 5L-SS series and the Resato P160 series.

Opportunities exist for this new model in pressure testing with water, wellhead shut down systems, portable pressure test units and testing of valves, hoses, receivers etc.

Please see the galery below for a typical example of our "S" pumps and "G" pumps mounted in a wellhead control panel.

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