3/3-Port Directional Control Valve

3-3-Wege Proportionalventil
Valves for operating pressures of up to 1,000 bar and this directional control valve in combination with the electronic control system allow for easy, swift and continuous regulation of the variables flow and pressure in gases and fluids with a high level of repeating accuracy. The valve is manufactured in sizes NG 4 (HPV 4) and NG 10 (HPV 10) and can be supplied with or without integrated pilot control hydraulic supply. The scope of supply also includes the control electronics with PID controller, actual value and set point input in the form of a 19" card, relevant to the respective valve.


The valve is a metallic seal 3/3 way – seat valve. The opening and closing takes place by means of a hydraulic actuated set piston.


After switching on the hydraulic and electric supply the set piston moves into the normal-position of the valve. No pressure increasing takes place. A to T open!

Pressure increasing

The set piston moves to the right site and closes the R-Medium return line and opens the P-Medium Inlet. The pressure increasing takes place. T-Medium Return

Pressure decreasing

The set piston moves to the left site and closes the G-Medium Inlet and opens the R-Medium Return. The pressure decreasing takes place. T-Medium Return - from A to T!

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