Valves, Fittings & Tubings - Check Valves 22500 psi

  • All MAXIMATOR ball check valves have a long endurance and may also be employed with high temperatures.
  • The characteristic feature of MAXIMATOR is their non-leakage sealing. All common O-Ring materials can be used as appropriate for different media and application temperatures.
Type O.D. Tube Name Orifice
in mm
Ball Check Valve 1/4 21BC4M 2,70
3/8 21BC6M 5,10
9/16 21BC9M 7,80
3/4 21BC12M 11,10
1 21BC16M 14,30
O-Ring Check Valve 1/4 21OC4M 2,70
3/8 21OC6M 5,10
3/8 21OC6M-EP
9/16 21OC9M 7,80
3/4 21OC12M 11,10
1 21OC16M 14,30

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