Testing and Production Systems - Fatigue Testing Technology

With the pressure fatigue testing conducted on Maximator´s highly engineered impulse test benches the fatigue strength of materials and components is established under realistic conditions. In the automobile industry and in mechanical engineering, they allow the initial and calculation concepts (FEA and simulation) to be reviewed to optimise the construction and design of components in diesel injection technology and to validate it.

Effect of the technology

Pressure fatigue test benches are used to evaluate the failure mechanics of pressurised hollow bodies. A hydraulically-driven pressure intensifier generates a sinus-shaped pressure wave together with a highly dynamic servo valve. The failures of test specimens under load show the potential weak points of components with respect to material and design.

Our pressure fatigue technology

MAXIMATOR pressure fatigue testing systems fulfil a variety of requirements and achieve high precision test results. Fully programmable sinus curves can be tested as load spectra as well as individual tests. The fatigue pressure reaches up to 6,000 bar at a maximum test frequency depending on the component volumes and is precisely controlled via a digital signal processor. Operating load real-time tests for practical examination of the pressure strength can also be performed with our testing systems. The intelligent testing software documents up to 24 tested components at the same time. The system then determines statistical data based on normal distribution. The test benches include an integrated telemetry module and automatically send a message message by text in the event of test sample failure, fault or unscheduled test rig shutdown, so that an operator does not need to be present 24/7. We also offer the option of remote monitoring (telemonitoring), with which several users can follow the test directly at their PC.

Maximator systems test:

  • Impulsdruckpruefstand.jpgDiesel injection technology components (rail, injection nozzles, pump housing,injection nozzle holders and lines)
  • High pressure technology components (pipes and fittings etc.)
  • Pressure transmitters
  • Pressurised components for industrial applications (e.g. on hydraulic quick clamp jaws for processing centres)

Performance features:

  • High system availability
  • Very high control accuracy
  • Test statistics based on normal distribution
  • Fully programmable sinus curves
  • Pulse pressure up to 6,000 bar
  • Energy-efficient system design
  • Redundant in situ high pressure measurement and monitoring

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