Gas and Water Assisted Moulding - Gasdosing Station - Type DSD 500

DSD 500


  • exact flow-rate control
  • easy operation
  • automatic adjustment to extruder pressure reduces start-up process
  • high degree of forming
  • a high-dynamic control valve responds promptly to process changes


Extrusion-foamed plastics open up new opportunities in all segments, e.g.:

  • cable insulation
  • sheets
  • sealing profiles

The proportioning station doses N2/CO2 exactly into the extruder. The gas volume is measured at the pressure side.

Volume control is insensitive to temperature and optimally adapts to pressure fluctuations with uniform quantity proportioning. The measured values are visualised.

Advantages of the process

  • environmental compatibility, since no chemical propellants are used
  • cost-effective
  • chemically and physiologically inert
  • temperature-independent

Impact on the process

The above-described advantages reduce production fluctuations under the same product, material and process conditions.