Gas and Water Assisted Moulding

  • Assisted Injection Moulding (AIM) is part of a family of technologies that are operated with plastics processing methods to improve product quality and significantly reduce cost.
  • The technologies include the injection of gas or water at high pressure into plastic in an injection mould.

Compressor Stations

VP120-N2.jpg Maximator Compressor Stations are specially designed for the compression of nitrogen or carbon dioxide from gas bottles, and are employed for pressure generation in gas assisted molding applications.

Control Modules

RM500N2.jpg Maximator Control Modules are suitable for series production with high-pressure nitrogen supply or high-pressure carbon dioxide supply, at a pressure of 500 bar (7,250 psi). The control modules regulate the injection pressure in the GID process.

Compressor-Control Module

RM500N2.jpg Maximator Compressor Control Modules are suitable for mold trials and smaller production run applications with the gas assisted injection molding process with gas bottle supply. As a result of the integrated Maximator gas booster, the gas is compressed to the required pressure level and subsequently controlled to the required injection pressure using the pressure-control technology.

Water-assisted System

WID.jpg The MAXIMATOR Water Assisted System is suitable for assisted molding applications with water (WIT) in the area of assembly line production of component parts with large cross sections or channels. Considerably shorter cycle times and lower gas costs are a characteristic feature of this process variant.

Gasdosing Station

DSD500.jpg The MAXIMATOR Gasdosing Station is designed for the high-pressure dosing of gas for the physical foaming of plastics. The physical foaming is applied in the process variants extrusion foaming, polyurethane foaming and pressure-die casting foaming (microcellular foaming).

External Hydraulic Power Pack HAG

HAG.jpg The MAXIMATOR-HAG hydraulic unit is designed for the supply of hydraulic driving mechanisms, as well as the actuation of cores, valve needles and retractable gas and water nozzles.

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