High Pressure Pumps

The compact, low-cost MAXIMATOR High-pressure Pumps are driven by air or noble gas pressures between 1 bar and 10 bar. There are numerous potential applications for MAXIMATOR Pumps in machine engineering, oil and gas industries, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, defence, mining and the construction industry as well as in aviation and aeronautics.

The MAXIMATOR air drive concept provides a number of benefits to you:

  • Pressure regulation via manual pressure control units or pneumatically triggered valves
  • Pressurised air drives, i.e. the pumps are particularly suitable for application in explosion-proof areas
  • Stalling of the pump upon reaching the pre-selected ultimate pressure
  • Substitution of leakages by automatic additional delivery of liquid from the pump
  • No energy consumption during long pressure holding periods
  • No heat loss during the pressure holding phase
  • Easy installation and problem-free operation of the units. Only connections to air supply as well as suction and pressure lines are required
  • Operationally reliable, easy-to-install and low-maintenance units, quiet in operation

MAXIMATOR provides competent consultancy, engineering design and supply of complete systems to optimally and economically solve your testing tasks and offers you extensive Services.

MAXIMATOR Pumps are available in 5 sizes: M, S, G, GX, DPD. The sizes vary according to their suitability for different pumping media, wide ranging flow rates and their maximum allowable operating pressures. MAXIMATOR provides the best-suited fluid pump for each application.


Further general suggestions to operate the Air Driven Liquid Pumps properly

Assembly positions

MAXIMATOR pumps can, in principle, be installed in any position, but a maximum service life of the seals is achieved in a vertical one.

Port sizes Important!
Please observe that only screws and tubing are fitted that are suitable for the pressure range of the pump. To ensure an optimum operation (pressure and flow) of the pumps, the port sizes of the pumps shall not be reduced.

Drive air connection and initial operation

The air drive connection is located at the spool valve housing. A second air drive connection as unregulated pilot port on S...D and G(SF) series that has to be connected too, not only provides better pressure control but is also the ideal place to install control instrumentation because of its small size. In any event a compressed air filter and water separator has to be fitted to the pump. Filters with water separator, pressure regulator, control pressure gauge and shut-off valve are optionally available under ”Air control unit C....“, depending on the pump line.

No air lubricator is required since the pump received Barium grease treatment. Has a lubricator been used once, it is strongly recommended to continue. If there is only very dry air available, an air lubricator is needed.

Operating temperatures for MAXIMATOR pumps

are in general between –20°C to +80°C (standard). The pumps with –VE seal version can be operated up to max. +60°C, at short term up to +80° would be acceptable. For outdoor service at temperatures of 0°C and below, special versions are available on request.

Recommended hydraulic oils

Proper operation and efficiency of the pumps is mainly depending on the quality of the used hydaulic liquid. We recommend hydraulic oils with a viscosity between 46 – 68 cst, i. e. Manufacturer Hydraulic oil to DIN 51524 T2; DIN 51519; ISO VG 46




Recommended quality of drive air

The drive air should have a quality class of 3 to 4 (solids/water/oil) according to the recommendation no. 611/1984 by PNEUROP (European Committee of Manufacturers of boosters, vacuum pumps and air driven tools).

  • Solids: maximum particle size 5µ, maximum particle concentration 5 mg/m3
  • Dew point: + 10° = water content of 9.4 g/m3 to + 2°C = water content of 5.6 g/m3
  • Oil content: 1.0 to 5 mg/m3

Please note that by using humid air of high humidity in continuous operation the problem of icing could occur. We suggest to install a water seperator and a dryer in the drive air line. If the drive air is too dry and has got a dew point lower than - 40°C, we suggest to use an oiler. By observing this drive air quality, an optimum life time of the seals and packings will be achieved.

MAXIMATOR pumps are suitable for liquid applications. To select and order a hydraulic pump that is suitable the best for your applications, the following parameters have to be observed:

1. Liquid to be handled

The type of liquid is essential to select a MAXIMATOR pump hence the wetted material of construction and compound of the seals are determined by the specific fluid. MAXIMATOR pumps are available for several services. The two most important we are offering standard pumps are for oil or water use, see also ordering codes.

2. Available Air Drive pressure

MAXIMATOR pumps are designed for an air drive pressure of pL = 1 to 10 bar (14,5 to 145 psi) maximum.

3. Required hydraulic outlet pressure and flow capacity

The outlet pressures given in the technical pump tables are based upon a maximum air drive pressure of pL = 10 bar. The real oulet pressure in your specific case is determined by air drive pressure multiplied by pressure ratio, pL * i. The indicated flow capacities Qmax is the maximum value which can be reached at an outlet pressure of 0 bar and an air drive of pL = 6 bar. The real flow capacities at a specified outlet pressure are listed in the flow charts, page 20 to 23.

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