Booster Stations

MAXIMATOR Booster Stations for nitrogen or a wide variety of other gases are complete booster stations ready for connection which are provided for generating operating pressures up to 2,400 bar.The Booster stations can be used for all kinds of testing and filliing, recovery of gases or for other functions requiring a determined high pressure.

The pressure will be generated by means of a pneumatically operated MAXIMATOR booster. The booster will be connected to the existing industrial compressed-air ductwork system. For generating the pressure, an electric connection will not be necessary.

MAXIMATOR Booster Stations can be equipped with all MAXIMATOR boosters. Restrictions result only from determined structural dimensions as well as from the flow rates of the pumps being necessary for the respective function.

For the simple commissioning and unproblematic application, MAXIMATOR Booster Stations will be equipped with all required components. Part of them is an air control unit with combined filter and water seperator, a pressure-regulating valve, a pressure control gauge as well as a manual shut-off valve for stopping off the drive air pressure.

The MAXIMATOR Booster Stations can be installed eighter on a base plate, a stainless steel protection frame with panel mounted control instruments or in a switching cabinet.

On the high-pressure side, the Booster Station will be equipped with a pressure relief valve (expansion valve) as well as with a manifold block with one or several pressure outlets for connecting the test pieces (which can be shut off separately or completely on request).

For indicating and monitoring the operating pressure, liquid-damped pressure gauges of the accuracy class 1.0 or 1.6 (higher accuracies are possible on demand) can be delivered.

With the above specified scope of supply, the MAXIMATOR Booster Station is ready for connection. For operating the Booster Station, only the drive air piping as well as the inlet gas pressure source has to be connected.

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