Gas Boosters - Boosters to 300 bar (4,350 psi) - DLE 5-15

DLE 5-15
Type DLE 5-15
Pressure ratio 1:5 / 1:15
Displacement volume (cm³) 373,00
Displacement volume (in³) 22,76
Gas Inlet Pressure pA max. (bar) 1.6*pL
Gas Inlet Pressure pA max. (psi) 1.6*pL
Gas Inlet Pressure pA min. (bar) 2
Gas Inlet Pressure pA min. (psi) 29
Formula to calculate gas outlet pressure pB 15*pL + 15/5*pA
Max. permitted outlet pressure (bar) 198
Max. permitted outlet pressure (psi) 2871
Air Drive Pressure min. (bar) 1
Air Drive Pressure min. (psi) 14.5
Air Drive Pressure max. (bar) 10
Air Drive Pressure max. (psi) 145
Weight (kg) 19,00
Inlet (in) 1/2
Outlet (in) 1/4
Drive Air (in) 3/4
Operating Temperature max. (°C) 100
Height (mm) 233,00
Depth (mm) 225,50
Width (mm) 612,00
Material of gas section Stainless steel/aluminium

Technical data sheets

DB Kompressor DLE 5-15
DB Kompressor DLE 5-15
Language: German
DB Booster DLE 5-15
DB Booster DLE 5-15
Language: English

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