Hydraulic Units

MAXIMATOR power packs for oil, water or aggressive media are complete hydraulic units ready for connection which are provided for generating operating pressures up to 7,000 bar (101,000 psi).The hydraulic systems can be used for all kinds of testing, bolt tensioning and clamping or for other functions requiring a determined pressure.

Components in Modular Design:

Pump model:

  • MO, S for oil service up to maximum 1,000 bar;
  • M, G for oil and water service up to maximum 7,000 bar;
  • MSF, GSF for special liquids to maximum 1,450 bar

Air control unit:

comprising combined filter pressure regulator, control pressure gauge and shut-off valve

  • C1 for M series
  • C1.5 for S series
  • C2 for G series

Air safety valve:

SV mounted in the air line

Tank sizes:

  • 6.5 liter
  • 13 liter
  • 30 liter
  • 70 liter

Standard of aluminium, stainless steel on request.

Note: MAXIMATOR pumps MO and S series are integrated in the tank.

All other pump series will be mounted on top of the tank.

Mobility of the packaged pump system:

  • F moveable
  • T portable
  • K jack ring

Relief valve:

EV with return line to the tank

Pressure gauge:

Pressure range / Diameter of the housing (cl. 1.6/1.0/0.6, glycerine damped)

Operating liquid:

  • O Oil (tank of aluminium, components galvanized)
  • W Water (tank of aluminium, components of SS)
  • VA Stainless steel (tank of 1.4571 or 1.4305)

Manifold block with pressure outlet(s):

A1 - 1 pressure outlet to
A6 - 6 pressure outlets, depending on tank size

V Option: Shut-off valve for pressure outlet (AV1-AV6)

Hand lever:

H only available for M22 to M189, single acting, single stage

Other options:

  • SCHW Float valve for automatic filling of the tank, i. e. from the water line
  • SCHL HP hose, model SK
  • ZR Additional return connection

Specials on request

Coding example:

M 189-01 / C1 / SV / 13 / F / EV / 0-1600 (160) / W / A2 / H / SCHL

Power pack with pump type M189-01 with hand lever, air control unit "C1", air safety valve, aluminium tank, volume 13 liter, on wheels, manually relief valve EV, pressure gauge 0-1,600 bar, Ø 160 mm, suitable for water service, manifold block with two pressure outlets, 2 pces. hoses.

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